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Amy Freeman

Ballet Instructor

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My Story

Amy Freeman began her training at age eight with Mikhail Casalino and continued with the School of Ballet West (currently Ballet West Academy) and the University of Utah. She is Certified in Vaganova Syllabus, American Ballet Theater’s National Training curriculum, PBT Progressing Ballet Technique and has completed the Royal Ballet Teacher Observation Program, Summer Intensive training and two Inspire seminars at White Lodge and the Royal Opera House in London. Her pedagogical training comes from masters such as Franco De Vita, Raymond Lukens, Inna Stabrova, Dmitriy Tuboltsev, Sarah Daultry, Samantha Leeman and Kathryn Morgan.

Ms. Amy is a member of IADMS, International Association for Dance Medicine and science and completes Harkness Center for Dance Injury courses biennially through NYU School of Medicine. Ms. Amy is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist, giving her a working knowledge of the how muscles work together to create movement and how to treat and prevent injury. 

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