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Dance Collective

* By Invite only
Contact Gretchen Gustin for more info 

Dance Collective



1 = $85.00

2 = $125.00

3 = $165.00

4 = $190.00

5 = $200.00

6 = $245.00

7 = $250.00

11+ = $280.00

Welcome to the 3'N Motion Dance Collective page! We are a dynamic and innovative dance collective that stands at the forefront of the industry, celebrated for our award-winning choreography and commitment to excellence.


Under the direction of our very own award winning choreographer, Gretchen Gustin, our collective is driven by a rigorous training program designed to nurture and elevate dancers to their highest potential. We believe in pushing boundaries, honing technical skills, and cultivating artistic expression. With our experienced instructors and coaches, you'll receive top-notch training that will refine your technique and unleash your creativity.


Community performances are a cornerstone of our collective. We believe in the power of dance to bring people together and inspire positive change. Through our captivating performances, we aim to connect with audiences and make a lasting impact in our community. We are proud to be recognized as ambassadors of dance, spreading joy and passion wherever we go.


As a member of our collective, you'll have unparalleled opportunities to train with industry leaders. We regularly host workshops and masterclasses featuring renowned choreographers, instructors, and professionals who have made significant contributions to the dance world. These immersive experiences will broaden your horizons and expose you to diverse styles and techniques, empowering you to become a well-rounded dancer.


Please note that admission to our collective is by audition only. We seek dedicated and passionate individuals who are ready to challenge themselves and strive for greatness. By joining us, you'll be part of a team that competes with the best in the nation, pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence.


Embrace the power of movement, join our collective, and be part of a transformative dance journey. Together, let's create moments that will leave audiences mesmerized and inspired. Get ready to elevate your dance skills, make lifelong connections, and leave an indelible mark on the world of dance.

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